Tinder for Kink - The Best Kinky Friend Finder

So many people love the design of Tinder, the simple swipe design makes it easy to match with people and you don't have to spend hours crafting profiles that only describe a portion of who you are. Sometimes they don't even do that. Unfortunately for most people who are looking for a date, Tinder is designed for vanilla and straight dating. Although this has changed ever so slightly over the last few years, it retains much of its original design.

So if you aren't part of the vanilla world, where do you turn to to find Tinder for kink? More and more options are turning up over the years that are similar to Tinder but more kink friendly. BDSMdatingonly.com stands out as an option for those who are looking for kink friendly dating.

What exactly is BDSMdatingonly? Today we are going to take a look at that and why it is a great option for those who are looking to find a kinky friend.

More Than A Kink Website

BDSMdatingonly is an interesting website, we claim to be more than just a dating site for BDSM and kink. Instead, we are a hub for those who are interested in the world of kink. You can use it to find others, learn about the kink world, and keep track of trends. All of this has been around for five years and the site doesn't show any sign of going anywhere anytime soon.

There are over 1.2 million users who have joined BDSMdatingonly and they have contributed over 600 thousand photos. Everyday the website sees over 50 thousand new text and video chats. These numbers don't say anything about the other interactions that happen every day on BDSMdatingonly and the fun that there is to be had.


BDSMdatingonly comes jam packed with features that will help you get everything you need from one BDSM dating website. Not to mention the fact that it has something and someone for everyone who joins. From entry level kinksters to the most experienced of kinksters. Let's take a look at exactly what BDSMdatingonly has to offer.

Kinky Profiles

You get to craft your own kinky profile when you sign up for BDSMdatingonly, that means writing what you are looking for, what kinks you have, what interests you, and anything else you want on your profile. You can also add photos and answer a few other questions. Despite being so detailed, profiles can be quite quick and painfree to set up.

Discrete Deletion

Most dating sites have content that stays there no matter what. With BDSMdatingonly you can delete any content that you choose to share with a user. When you delete the content on your end, it gets removed from the other person's account too.

Standard Features

Here are some of the standard features that you will find on the website, ones that you would expect from a top class dating platform.

24/7 support
Folders to organize chats
The ability to find fellow kinksters near you, wherever you travel to
Alternative Bondage Community
Member And Model Broadcasting
Fetish based categories to find people who are into similar interests
Large Member Base of Active Members No need to login with social media


You can sign up and use BDSMdatingonly for free. Many of the features are restricted for free users though. What you will find though is that women who sign up to BDSMdatingonly get access to more features for free. For others, you can get access to the features for a monthly fee. The standard fee is $8.33 a month. With this you can get access to the site and will be able to do quite a lot with it. $8 is not that much of a fee for a dating site.

BDSMdatingonly has appeared around the news industry. Vice, Daily News, People, and Salon have all had features that have positively reviewed BDSMdatingonly. The positive comments include the fact that sexual orientation is open on BDSMdatingonly, anyone can find your own playmate, and that BDSMdatingonly is a place for people who are looking for more than to live out their 50 Shades of Grey fantasies.

For those looking for a BDSM dating site that is kink friendly, easy to use, and powerful, you should consider using BDSMdatingonly. BDSMdatingonly comes with not only the features but the users needed to get what you want out of your dating efforts. Not only that, it is a platform that is open to everyone.