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The Most Common BDSM Punishment Ideas

During BDSM play, you take on the role of a dominant or a submissive. These roles can change during the play, but one side is in charge. The side in charge will often need to punish more

Meet BDSM Singles Like You Online

Dating someone was always in trend. People used to date other people according to their liking. Years ago the concept of dating was simple. There was a casual meeting over dinner or lunch with a more

Do's And Don'ts Of Kinky Dating

Are you interested in kinky dating? It can be one heck of an experience and allows you to try out things that you have only imagined before. But just because kinky dating serves as a great more

Tips for Girls to Find Kinky Sex Online

Kinky sex is some of the best sex, breaking out beyond vanilla sex gives you something new to try. It breaks up the monotony of standard sex. But when girls go online to find kinky sex, there more

7 BDSM Facts You Should Know

BDSM is one of the largest sexual categories out there. It includes a very large number of different activities, that you are sure to enjoy at least a fraction of. Everyone has their own version of BDSM more

Fifty Shades Of Grey and BDSM Dating

If someone asks me to suggest a movie that can give some tips about best BDSM dating life, I would suggest "Fifty Shades of Grey". The ultimate love story of Christian Grey and Anastasia is like more

BDSM Dating Advice for Beginners

BDSM stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism. It is a sex term that refers to power play in the bedroom. Acts of BDSM may include rope more