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DDlg is a type of domination in which a dominant takes on the role of Daddy and the submissive plays the role of a little girl. While the dominant might be an authority figure, they are also often taking on the role of caregiver. A role that makes them responsible for their sub.

A DDlg relationship can happen online or in person and they take on a variety of different scenes. The only limit is the participant's imagination.

You will also find that DDlg relationships take place both inside and outside the bedroom. Dominants don't stop caring for their little girls after the bedroom time has ended. Some continue to keep the roles up after the time has ended as the care doesn't go away.

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Whether you are looking for a Daddy Dom or a little girl, you can find them today. You have come to the right place to find a caring partner to engage in some of the most fun play you have encountered.

At BDSMdatingonly we are kink dating site that connects BDSM partners of all kinds to their match (or matches) for play. That includes plenty of partners looking for DDlg play.

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You will find that turning to our site to find your partner comes with a variety of benefits. Here are just some of the most important.

Tons of Active Users

Despite being a relatively young dating site, we have thousands of users just looking for DDlg relationships. Even more looking for other kinds of BDSM relationships.

Plenty of Features

Our website is feature rich, allowing you to find who you want and interact with them the way you want. The search tool allows you to filter out users based on a variety of criteria, starting with the basics such as gender and age and going up to more advanced filters such as what kinks you are looking for. There is also a live chat room, proof of identity, and private profiles.

Affordable Membership

A lot of dating sites set their prices so high that members can't keep up with the cost. We didn't want that. We offer prices that are more than competitive with the other sites out there. Not just that, we promise to keep the prices low to keep the site accessible.

Easy Interface

Being able to use a dating site is important and unfortunately many sites use flashy graphics and poor color choices that make the sites hard to use. We have focused on making our design simple and easy to navigate. We want Doms and subs to be able to find exactly what they are looking for.

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