What is DDLG - The Meaning of Daddy Dom Little Girl Relationship

You may have already heard the term DDLG on some BDSM websites and found yourself wondering what it stands for. DDLG stands for Daddy Dom Little Girl and is a popular style of BDSM practice that involves a dominant known as a daddy who cares for his submissive who goes by the title little girl. Like with any other BDSM relationship, a DDLG relationship is unique to those involved. What we are going to talk about today is the general ideas behind DDLG and the most common features of a DDLG relationship.

Before we go any further we are going to take a look at some of the other ways that DDLG may be written to help you know what to look for. Here is a brief list:

  • - DDlg
  • - Daddy Dom Little Girl
  • - Dd little girl
  • - Dom daddy lg
  • - D/lg

Now that we have established what we are talking about we can move on to talk more about what these relationships entail.

DDlg little girl

The Meaning of a DDLG Relationship

In a DDLG relationship the Dom Daddy is responsible for taking care of the little girl in addition to being a dominant. This creates a unique style of BDSM where hardcore domination typically does not come into play, it is more of a loving domination. This is because the basics of a DDLG relationship is that the Dom takes on the role of a dad and while not directly called so, the sub is the daughter.

This is where some of the controversy regarding this type of BDSM relationship comes into play, some people question whether this type of relationship is healthy. The answer is it is perfectly normal to engage in any safe BDSM play. It is also important to note that it is not pedophilia as it is normal to want to be cared for and to care for others, it is a fun play between consenting adults.

The Daddy Dom

The daddy in a DDLG relationship is responsible for doing things for their sub and gently guiding them through the fun activities that they have planned. The daddy leads the power exchange slowly and keeps the action going. In other words, the daddy takes on the role of a dad figure.

Oftentimes the Daddy takes care of their little girl at all times, but at other times the DDLG relationship ends when playtime is over. At other times though, the only relationship the partners have is when they are in DDLG in the form of a casual relationship.

The Little Girl

A little girl acts like someone who needs a parent-style figure to control them and guide them through the encounter. The level of needs and "age" that the little girl takes on depends on the specific relationship. A popular question from those wondering about DDLG relationships is whether the little girl has to act like a baby. Sometimes, a DDLG takes on the role of a baby while other times they are a teenager (also known as a brat). It all comes down to preference.

What Happens During a DDLG Relationship?

One of the first things that you should know is that when it comes to DDLG relationships a lot of different things are involved but it doesn't always involve sex. Care is the main part of the relationship as both receiving and giving care can be very rewarding.

When sex is involved, it is usually not very hardcore. It is sensual and fun sex where the Dom Daddy takes the lead. But like everything else in a DDLG relationship, it depends on the specific relationship.

Another common question when it comes to DDLG is whether or not diapers are involved. We briefly discussed this above but it depends on the age that the little girl takes on when she is in character. She may decide that she wants to wear diapers while she may decide not to.

Where to Find A Partner for DDLG?

Whether you are a Dom Daddy or a Little Girl you are probably wondering where you can find a partner for your relationship. One of the first places to take a look is BDSM and kink dating sites. These sites have become quite popular and are a great way to help you find someone who is interested in the same things that you are. For those that can't find a partner on these sites in your area you might want to try BDSM communities or some popular modern dating sites.

Some people want to find a DD or lg in person and this is possible. A local BDSM community is a good place to start with. A sex positive community organization, or a meet up group that is interested in BDSM/DDLG are also good options for you. You can find a partner for DDLG at a traditional dating location such as a bar, concert, or other activity but you have no guarantee that they will share the same interests as you.

DDLG is quite a big category of BDSM that a lot of partners fall into, what they all share in common is that they enjoy taking on roles that involve caring. If you are interested in DDLG we highly encourage you to take a go. There are a wide variety of fetishes and all of them are normal and you should never be discouraged from trying something that interests you.

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