10 DDlg Rules for Littles

If you have ever considered being in a DDlg relationship, one of the biggest questions you probably came into was what rules are you going to set for your little. Something to consider is that a DDlg relationship is different from that of some more traditional BDSM relationships. Littles take on a rather unique role and the rules need to take that into account. Today we are going to take a look at some rules that you can implement to help your little behave.

One thing to keep in mind before you start coming up with rules is the fact that all littles are different. Depending on who your little is, they will have their own personality and age that they identify as. Some littles may also have fluctuation in the age that they identify with. With this in mind, your DDlg rules should take their age and other information into account. Now that we have established that, let's take a look at some of the rules.

DDlg little girl

Set a Bedtime

No matter what age your little likes to be, a bedtime is always appropriate, that time just might change. Make a rule that they must be in bed with the lights out by that time or they will get punished. Bedtime should be enforced regularly so that your little knows it is a rule and not just a request.

Create a Schedule

Some daddies like to create a daily schedule for their littles that they have to follow. This goes beyond bedtime and includes everything they do from when they wake up to when chores or done to when food is cooked. Because this obviously controls more of your time than just play time it is important to confirm that your little is okay with this rule.

You May Not Tell A Lie

Of course no one is a perfect lie detector but a good rule is to not let your little tell a lie. If you catch them in a lie you will give them an equal punishment to the lie that they told. Any relationship should have this policy but white lies happen and this rule helps to prevent those white lies.

No Sexual Touching Without Permission

This rule is fairly straight forward and one that many Dominants insist on, your little should be forbidden from performing any sexual touching without explicit permission. No sexual touching should be enforced and if you find your partner touching themselves without permission, even if it is to entice you, punish them.

You Will Properly Maintain Your Body To Your Pleasure

Every Dom has their own preferences and when it comes to their little island that is something that you can have your little keep in mind. A good rule to set in place is that your little maintain their body in the way that brings pleasure to you. This may include washing with specific soaps, shaving areas, and using specific makeup, as a few examples. Body maintenance is a rule that needs to be custom tailored by the Dom.

Your Little Will Address You By Title

If you haven't already made a rule that your little address you by a title it needs to be made by now. The most common title in a DDlg relationship is Daddy but there are many different titles that you can choose from. Some other options are Sir, Master, and Mister. Once you find a title that fits your style and that of your little, stick with it so that it becomes a habit.

Limit TV Time

No little should be allowed to watch too much TV or play games for too long, not only does it rot their brains, but it distracts them from playing their part as a little. If a little wants to watch TV or play video games they should have to ask permission, even if they still have time left. Make sure that you keep this rule in conjunction with the bedtime so that your little does not try to subvert their bedtime.

No Curse Words

A good little should be forbidden from using bad language. Make a list of words that your little shouldn't be using and enforce that list with a good punishment. And no, you don't have to wash their mouth out with soap when they say something bad. Beyond curse words though, your little should also have to speak appropriately in general. That means no talking back, no saying rude phrases, etc.

Ask Permission To Hangout with Friends

Any little has to ask permission to go out, especially if they are going to be out past their bedtime. Talk to your little and set rules for when they are and aren't allowed to hangout with friends. Or better yet, require them to ask you for permission when they want to hangout with people. If they are with their friends make sure that this is done discreetly and appropriately so that you do not embarrass your little in front of their friends. A good daddy makes sure not to embarrass their little unless it is deserved.

After you have established these rules with your little it is important to not only uphold them but dole out punishment when it is appropriate. There shouldn't be just one punishment though, you should have punishments that are appropriate to the rule that your little violated. The number of times violated and the stubbornness of your little should also be taken into account.

It is also important to keep in mind that safewords and limits still apply with rules. Your little (and you) are allowed to say stop at any time or slow down. Maintaining good communication is essential to any DDlg relationship.

The world of littles is quite big and we encourage you to explore your relationship with your little and find your own rules that you want to implement. You can find plenty of ideas for rules on the internet but part of what makes your relationship yours and fun is the rules that mean something to you and your partner. Let us know a fun rule that you came up with for your little, someone else might find it informative.

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