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BDSM has many subcultures that cover a wide range of kinks and fetishes, whether it's being tied up, spanked, or any form of submission and domination. Sub/dom dynamics take many unique roles, including financial domination - Findom.

Financial Domination - BDSM That Pays You to Be Dominate

Financial domination is a type of sub/dom dynamic where one person (the sub) is financially dominated by another (the dominant).

This usually happens online, with the sub giving up some form of financial control to a dominatrix.

Giving up financial control is a form of submission that turns on a lot of people, with it often accompanied by some form of humiliation, just like many physical sub/dom dynamics.

Those receiving the money also get the turn on of being dominant, telling the sub to give them money before spending on themselves.

Find Your Paypig Today

Are you looking for a paypig to lavish you with money and gifts? Do you get turned on by the idea of dominating and humiliating someone to give you money? Then you have come to the right place.

We are an online fetish site connecting paypigs with a financial dominatrix. As a dom, you can take complete control of the finances of your sub!

Subs here love all kinds of findom dynamics. Payment types vary, with popular options including:

Tributes: Receive one off or regular tribute payments from your sub! Tell them how much you want and when to give it, then watch them get turned on while you spend their hard earned cash.

Blackmail: A popular roleplay in findom, blackmail involves you threatening a findom with some sort of blackmail. They get a big turn on from this, while you get some nice payment for your services!

Total Power Exchange: Enjoy complete control over a subs' finances. Take money from their bank or wallet, telling them what you are spending it on, as they sit back and enjoy the ride!

There are many submissive people looking to enjoy the power dynamic of financial domination. Here you will find various people interested in becoming a paypig (e.g. financially submissive), letting you make some serious cash while enjoying the thrill of being dominant.

Many Active Users

We have thousands of active paypigs seeking their dream dom. Sign up today to create a profile and start meeting paypigs that want to shower you with money!

All the Tools You Need to Findom

Financial domination is usually done online, so we give you all the tools to interact with your customers. Use chat rooms to dominate your paypig and start getting paid or start a live broadcast as you spend all their money!

Affordable Prices

Membership to this site is affordable for both doms and subs. Low monthly fees are guaranteed, and you can expect to make more than that back in your findom gifts and payments! For subs, we offer low cost membership so you can spend more money on your dom!