3 Ways To Find A Pay Pig

The world of financial domination can be quite fun, instead of simply controlling a man you get to control his wallet. Not only does this give you a fun time but it can earn you a little extra money. Not every man wants to be a pay pig though and finding one can be difficult if you don't know where to look. Today we are going to help you find a pay pig.

Pay Pig

Try A Kink Dating Site

You can join the rest of the world and hop on the trend of using dating sites to find their next partner. Plenty of people from the world of kink turn to dating sites as they are a safe way to find people without having to worry about being judged in person. Standard dating websites like eHarmony might be the most popular but there are plenty of other websites out there, ones that are specifically oriented toward kink and BDSM dating - like BDSMdatingonly. Some are even oriented toward dominatrixes. Make sure that you take a look at these as they might provide you with the most possible matches.

On a dating website your key to finding a partner is to have a quality profile. You want to attract potential pay pigs to you. This involves writing a quality description of yourself and your desires along with at least a couple of good pictures of yourself. After that it all comes down to the communication you have in messages in the app.

Browsing the internet will help you to find a good number of dating sites dedicated to dominatrixes, make sure to review them in order to ensure they are high quality before you decide on an app or website. While there are many free dating sites online, remember that quality sometimes means you need to pay.

Find A Pay Pig on a Webcam Site

Across the internet, you will find a wide variety of websites dedicated to women hosting webcams to provide a variety of services to men. Some of them are submissive but a fair amount of men turn to webcam sites to find a dominant woman. Because of the nature of the internet where you can't touch the person having financial control can instill an interesting connection.

Financial dominatrixes on webcam sites often have nudity involved but it is not a requirement. Plenty of financial dominatrixes make money with their clothes on just by giving orders, talking, or any number of methods.

A webcam site allows you to get multiple pay pigs and you don't even have to go out looking for them, they come to you. It is also completely possible to get paid to do things that you like, not just things that random people like. Before getting into the business many people think that you don't have a choice in what you do on these sites as viewers hire you but that is far from the truth. Many men enjoy the fact that you get to decide what you do for their money.

Sex-Positive Community Events

Around the world, there are groups that are dedicated to sex-positive culture, or in other words, cultural acceptance of sex. These groups host a number of BDSM events, including events for dominatrixes to find their next submissives or pay pigs. If you are interested in getting to know your local community and meeting up with a pay pig in person, this is a great way to do so.

Pay attention to the event calendar because different events have different chances of finding a pay pig. You will want to look for BDSM events, especially ones geared toward finding a partner or learning experiences specifically oriented toward dominatrixes. Popular areas may also have activities dedicated toward submissives and empowering them to find a dominatrix, attend these events too.

Many of these groups will have some form of orientation that you will have to go through and forms to fill out. This is to help ensure that everyone is comfortable and that privacy is maintained. There may also be membership dues, this helps to support the spaces these events are hosted in and to help the staff arrange for anything they need for events.

In addition to these popular options for finding a pay pig you can always test out the traditional option of searching for a pay pig at the bar or other areas where singles frequent. The problem with this is you will invest more time sorting between pay pigs and those looking for traditional relationships. No matter how you approach the search for your next pay pig though, it is completely possible to find one.

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