How To Punish Your Sub?

Domination and submission is one of the most enjoyed activities in the sexual world. Everyone has a first time though and others need inspiration for future scenes. One of the most common questions we hear in the BDSM world is: how do I punish my sub? Today we are going to look at some punishment ideas.

Before you start reading this it is important that you talk with your sub to get to know what they enjoy. Punishment is always far more enjoyable with both parties are able to are entertained by the situation. In addition, you can ruin the whole scene if you use a punishment that isn't enjoyed by your sub. So take these ideas to mind and consider whether or not your sub will have fun.

Punish Your Sub


To some people, especially vanilla people, humiliation as a turnon sounds weird. That being said humiliation can be both an enjoyable punishment and one that can help a sub learn wrong from right. Your level of humiliation should be directly proportionate to your subs behavior and limits.

For example, if your sub doesn't want anyone else involved, the humiliation shouldn't be carried out in public. You also want to avoid doing anything overtly sexual in public. But you can do things such as name calling, wedgies, crawling in public, a collar in public, etc.

Teasingly Ignoring Your Sub

It is possible to spoil your sub and one of the best ways to punish a spoiled sub is by ignoring them. Have them stay on the bed, on the floor, on in a specific position while you go about doing other things. Don't talk with them and don't engage them at all. What works really well though is when you do this in a teasing way, such as ignoring them while playing with yourself where they can see.

To make this even better, make sure to tie up your sub first so they have to stay where they are.

Traditional Routes

For those that want to start off small and go with traditional punishments, you have a collection of options that are safe. Spanking is one of the most well-known but here are a few other traditional punishments for subs:

  • Candle Wax
  • Caning
  • Hair Pulling
  • Biting
  • Whipping
  • Orgasm Denial

The Act Of Punishment

Punishing your sub is much like punishing a child. Your punishment needs to come as the act your are punishing is happening or just after. Do not wait to punish your sub unless they know the punishment ahead of time or it fits the scenario. Delayed punishment isn't associated with the act and can reduce the experience for your sub.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that punishment needs to be strict and forceful. You don't want to go soft on your sub or they will not get anything from the experience. A Dom who goes soft on their sub tends to ruin the scene by not keeping with the roles.

Depending on the limits discussed beforehand a sub will have a safeword to use if you go too far. So make sure to enjoy yourself and keep an eye on the situation. Many who are new to the domination world will hesitate due to yelps of pain or crying even when the sub wants them to continue. Don't be this kind of Dom.

Punishment is an essential part of the BDSM world. Without punishment a sub will never learn, and no one will get the real experience. Make sure to read through these few ideas and decide how you are going to punish your sub. Make sure said punishment is swift and that you do not go too soft on them.

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