Why It Is Ok to Have A Foot Fetish

There are more fetishes in the world than you can shake a stick at. One of the many fetishes that is popular is foot fetishes. Despite the popularity of online foot fetish dating, many people have negative views of foot fetishes. A variety of factors contribute to the negative views but the most common is the stereotypes that society has assigned to fetishes for years. Those have become even more prominent with foot fetishes.

With the stereotypes around foot fetishes many people wonder if it is okay to have a foot fetish in the first place. You may get different answers based on who you ask.

The truth is it is perfectly okay to have a foot fetish.

As long as a fetish is consensual most fetish is okay to have. Today we are going to take a look at why it is okay to have a foot fetish. Many people ask this question or want to have information prepared to back up their joy of foot fetishes.

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Fetishes are a Natural Part of Life

We all have our likes and desires in life, both sexually and in the other aspects of our lives. These desires are natural and there is nothing wrong with that. When these desires/likes have to do with sex or sexual interactions this is when we refer to them as fetishes. A foot fetish is just like any other fetish that you might encounter.

It is actually impossible to get rid of a fetish. Psychologists have found that fetishes are part of who we are. We can work to change how we engage with our fetishes but never get rid of them.

At least one-third of Americans have engaged in a fetish. Even more people have thought about or have a desire to try a fetish.

Fetishes are Healthy

Not every natural part of life is healthy, there are plenty of things that we encounter that are natural but not healthy. When it comes to fetishes, as long as you engage in them safely and in moderation, they are perfectly healthy.

In fact, repressing fetishes can have quite the opposite effect. Repression of thoughts and desires can cause built-up tension in your mind. This can eventually lead to impact in other parts of your life too.

Engaging in our fetishes can help us receive pleasure and feel good about ourselves. Fetishes also help to spice things up and prevent the world from getting boring.

Fetishes Come in a Wide Variety

There are a wide variety of fetishes out there. Foot fetishes are only one of them and more and more people start to use foot fetish dating site to find a partner. No matter who you are you probably have a fetish of your own. If everyone has a fetish, why would having a foot fetish matter? We don't tend to discuss fetishes and that is why we tend to make such a deal when we discover someone has a fetish.

If you look at it, foot fetishes are not near one of the strangest fetishes out there. Foot fetishes only deal with part of the body. Some of the stranger fetishes out there include:

  • - A fixation with inanimate objects
  • - Sexual fetishes for mirrors
  • - Sexual fetishes for leg braces and/or casts
  • - Sexual fetishes with homeless people

Just because a fetish is considered to be strange doesn't mean there is anything wrong with it though. They are just ones that most of us or some of us wouldn't think of.

Not Everyone is the Same

Everyone has their own beliefs, likes, desires, and more. In general everyone is different to some degree. Those differences are often what brings us together. Differences can also create friction too. Because everyone is different though, there is nothing wrong with having a foot fetish.

Variety is the spice of life and sex would be boring if everyone had the same sexual desires. Exploration sexually helps to prevent relationships from becoming stagnant.

A Quick Warning About Healthy Fetishes

It is important to note that any fetish can be unhealthy. When a fetish starts to interfere with other aspects of your life or starts to cause a psychological drain, it starts to be unhealthy. It can also be unhealthy if it starts to affect your relationships or people who have not consented to participate.

There are also some fetishes that can be unhealthy in themselves, such as fetishes involving feces. Safety is an important part of engaging in any fetish and as such you need to consider safety before engaging in any fetish dating.

Knowing the reasons why it is okay to have a foot fetish can give you power and strength and confidence. Remember that knowledge is power. Should anyone question your foot fetish or say something against it, use these reasons to show them why it is okay. Do you have any other reasons why it is okay to have a foot fetish?

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