7 Ways to Play - Tips for New Dominants

BDSM is an amazing world, one where there is a wide variety of things to try, from bondage to humiliation and beyond. With so many options out there, many new dominants are left wondering what to try. Today we are going to look at some of the things that you can do with a submissive.

New Dominants

Get A Massage

If you want to start basic, one of the easiest things that you can try is to have your submissive give you a massage. You can always enhance the experience by having your submissive give you the massage naked or in a sexy outfit. Don't forget to have her give you a happy ending after she has relaxed you and turned you on.

Try using oil or lotion to help make the massage even more enjoyable. You may also be able to find massage classes for couples that can help give your sub skills that they need to make your massage even better.

Explore Bondage

Bondage is one of the most popular BDSM activities and can be simple or very complex. Exploring bondage with your submissive can be a great way to learn new ways to restrain your toy and also to have fun at the same time. We recommend trying rope and handcuffs at first to determine which one you like more.

When you are first exploring bondage, start simple. Only tie your submissive's hands together or handcuff them to the bed. If your submissive is okay with that, you can try more things such as tying feet, elbows, and/or adding toys like gags. Keep exploring and read a number of resources online to find different bondage methods to test out.

Practice Name Calling

Even when having more vanilla sex name calling can enhance the scene and make it more enjoyable for those involved. Name calling is rather basic and can be used for almost any kind of BDSM relationship from Master/slave to Daddy/little girl.

Before engaging in name calling it is important to ensure that your submissive is okay with it. Some subs don't like to be called names and some names should be avoided. At the same time, some subs will like whatever name you want to call them.

Try Out Roleplay

Going beyond name calling you can try your hand at roleplay. Also known as RP, roleplay is a great way to live out some of your biggest BDSM fantasies. Dom and sub duos roleplay just about any role that you could think of, even ones that couldn't exist in the real world such as aliens and furries. Part of the excitement of roleplay is being able to break from reality but another benefit to RP is the fact that you can give more context to your scenes.

Roleplay is closely tied with other kinks such as spanking, dress up, name calling, etc. Many people who are new to BDSM find roleplay awkward at first because it requires you to get into your imagination but once they get into the groove they thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Make Them Wear Toys Under Their Clothes

It can be quite exciting having your sub wear toys under their clothes such as a vibrator in their underwear or a butt plug. Butt plugs can be quite entertaining to have in during a day at work and you can check on your sub to remind them that they are in. Alternatively, there are a number of Bluetooth connected butt plugs or other toys that you can control remotely while your submissive is away from you.

Going on a walk with your sub while they have a remote control vibrator can be quite entertaining for both of you. For subs who are comfortable being more adventurous, you can have them wear it while you go out shopping, go to a family dinner, or other similar activity. If you want to get an idea of what this is like there are plenty of examples on YouTube and other video websites. Check them out and see if it is something that you would like to try out.

Punish Them

It is important to punish submissives to help establish who is in charge and to enforce proper behavior. Punishments can vary widely from a simple spanking to making them eat food off the floor. A punishment should be something that is enjoyable and exciting but still want to avoid. Talk to your sub before the scene begins to pick out some good punishment ideas. After some time you will get to know your sub's preferred punishment and what punishments you like to use so that you don't have to ask every time.

Try A Sex Positive Community Activities

In many large cities there are sex positive community groups, these groups offer a variety of activities for you to test out. For many people going to one of these activities can be nerve racking at first but after you get over that they can help you to learn many different things about the BDSM world. Sex positive activities range from bondage classes to group activities.

Some of these groups require you to become a member while others will allow you to attend classes and activities for a fee. Finding communities like this can be great as they can boost your knowledge, build confidence, and find like minded people.

Before trying anything with a submissive it is important to have a conversation with them so you can establish rules and limits for the scene. Talk to the sub about their limits and your limits. Also spend time creating safe words. Beyond all of this, you will also want to discuss what you like in the first place and find the activities that you both want to try.

Now that you know some of the best things to do with a submissive you can go ahead and start playing around. Remember to be safe when you play! And if you have anything that you find especially fun and want to share, let us all know in the comments down below.

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