How To Get Started With A Foot Fetish

Foot fetishes are quite popular, in fact, it is one of the most common BDSM fetishes in the world. Many of us have a foot fetish but have never taken action on the fetish before. It can be scary to take action on a foot fetish for a variety of reasons, including worrying about being judged for your BDSM fetish. A lot of people feel that same fear. But you shouldn't.

In this article we are going to take a look at some helpful tips for beginners in the world of BDSM foot fetish.

Started With a Foot Fetish

Embrace The Normality

Before doing anything else it is important to understand that having a foot fetish, or any other fetish for that matter, is perfectly normal. Almost everyone has at least one BDSM fetish, whether they know it is a fetish or not. Understanding that fetishes are normal will help you to start to navigate the world of foot fetishes. It will take away some of the nerves and help you to realize that it is completely possible to find a partner out there.

Spend Time Reading Up On Foot Fetishes

Going into the world of any BDSM fetish is made a lot easier when you educate yourself about the community and the act first. It is no different when it comes to foot fetishes. Spend some time on the internet learning from reliable sources about foot fetishes, just like you are doing now. That information that you learn will help to prepare yourself for the experience and to boost your confidence.

Not only will reading give you confidence, it will give you an idea of what you want to try when you are giving foot fetishes a spin for the first time. A little inspiration has never hurt anyone, only helped them.

Find a Partner Online

A partner for foot fetish can be hard to find, especially when you are just starting out. Various factors make this difficult, from society previously discouraging fetishes to nerves. The place to turn for a foot fetish partner is the internet. Dating sites make it easy to find a partner for just about anything. That includes websites that are specifically designed for foot fetish dating.

Foot fetish chat room and BDSM kink communities exist to help you learn more about foot fetishes, these can be great sites to start learning on. As you learn you will also start to meet people and become a part of the community. These people that you meet are all potential dates and play partners. Just don't try to push a relationship, let it happen.

You can find people in the physical world but it may take longer. You will have to filter all of the people you are interacting with to see if they are interested in a foot fetish and to see if they are looking for the same type of relationship that you are.

Prepare Your Feet Properly

Those with foot fetishes should prepare their feet for the fetish. Alternatively, if you are the submissive, you can help your dominant partner prepare their feet. A good wash will help to ensure that you are enjoying your foot fetish in a healthy manner and is a good start. While you are washing your feet, give them a good exfoliation using a pumice stone or similar tool, this will help to make sure the feet are as enjoyable as possible.

Moisturizing can also help you to have smooth feet that can easily be enjoyed. Instead of body lotion a good coconut moisturizer can do your feet a lot of good.

The Decor Makes A Difference

It may seem weird at first to consider your feet as having decor. Think about it though, when you are thinking of a foot fetish there are a lot of different decorations to the feet that flash through your mind. Shoes, nail polish, and socks are all varying depending on your mood, your sub's mood, and the theme of the play.

If you want to enjoy a foot fetish make sure to have a variety of foot decor available. For subs, you can make the experience better and make a good impression by getting your dom a gift of foot decor.

Stretch Out Your Feet

For those that like to be dominant when it comes to foot fetishes, stretching your feet can come in big handy. The more you stretch your feet, the more flexible they become. Flexibility, especially in your toes, can play a big role in foot fetishes. Toe teases, foot jobs, and more can all be more effective with a flexible foot.

It is important to stretch your feet regularly or you won't get or maintain flexibility in your feet. Start stretching today and keep stretching regularly. We recommend stretching at least once a week for best results.

Engage in After Care

Sure, enjoying a foot fetish can be quite fun but an important part of the play is the after care. You want to ensure that you are both physically and mentally cared for after the encounter. The same for your partner. Most obviously you will want to clean your hands, body, and feet after engaging in any kind of play. For physical clean up make sure that you have all of the cleaning supplies you need such as soap, wipes, and towels.

After play it is also important to clean your mind. Debrief the scenario with your partner, talk about what you enjoyed and what you didn't. Also spend some time on your own doing something like meditating. This will help to differentiate the play from reality. A shower can both help to physically clean you and ground your mind.

Are you looking to get the most out of your foot fetish adventures? Take these tips to heart and start exploring the world of fetish. They will help you navigate the world of foot fetish along with that of many other BDSM kinks. All of the tips are meant to be used together so find a way to work them into your life.

As you have started venturing into the world of foot fetishes have you found anything that is helpful? Let everyone else know in the comments down below.


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