11 Sex Positions That Are Perfect for Foot Fetish and Worship

There are a lot of different kinks and fetishes out there. Each one comes with different desires and different roles in a sexual relationship. One fetish that you have probably heard of is foot fetishes. While people have heard of foot fetishes, not too many people actually know that much about them.

Today we are going to take a look at some general information for foot fetishes and some sex positions for foot fetish or worship.

Foot Fetish Positions

What is a Foot Fetish?

Foot fetishes are simply a sexual interests that relate to feet. A foot fetish can include any part of the foot from the toes to the ankles. For some it is about the whole foot. It depends on an individual's preferences.

What activities are done when indulging in a foot fetish varies widely too. Some people simply like giving massages while others will lick, kiss, and enjoy other similar activities. Others enjoy being stepped on. Sometimes people praise feet as part of a foot fetish, or more specifically, foot worship. It really depends.

In some circumstances people include jewelry and toys into their foot fetish play.

Are Foot Fetishes Normal?

It would surprise most people to learn how common foot fetishes are. When it comes to kinks and fetishes, foot-related fetishes are quite high on the popularity list. Compared to a lot of fetishes, it is far more talked about and common.

A study was published in the International Journal of Impotence Research and it found that about half of the people they surveyed had foot fetishes.

There is also nothing wrong or unhealthy about a foot fetish. People enjoy these just like they would enjoy any other kink or fetish. The key is that everyone involved is consenting adults. As long as that criteria is met, everyone can enjoy a fun and safe time.

Sex Positions for Foot Fetishes

Enjoy some of these sex positions that are perfect for foot fetishes.

69 Platform

In this sexual position, the partner who has the foot fetish is on bottom and the other climbs on top in reverse to give oral sex. Not only are the "goodies" in the right place for the top partner, but their feet can easily be lifted and moved to the bottom's mouth.

The T

The T position assumes the male (or someone with a strapon) is on the bottom. The partner climbs on top to mount, thus making an upside down T. On the top, the partner keeps their legs bent so their feet are next to their face.

The Wedge

In the wedge position, the male will sit on his heels and pull her into him with her legs up and to either side of his head. The position is quite enjoyable and puts her lower legs and feet right next to his head.

Spread Wide

The partner with the foot fetish gets on their knees on the side of the bed. The other partner lays down with their legs spread wide and feet at the edge of the bed. The partner on their knees can easily switch between playing with feet and giving oral sex.

Other Things To Try For Foot Fetishes

Looking for some other things to try in order to enjoy a foot fetish? Here are some other activities that you can engage in.

Boot Licking

Boot licking is as simple as the name implies. Have the submissive partner get on their knees and lick your boots whenever the dominant partner decides.

Foot Massages

Foot massages are a great way to enjoy foot fetishes. It can range anywhere from a simple massage to a detailed massage that includes licking and kissing.


Tease a submissive with your feet. Make them lick or play with their least favorite part of the feet. Then slowly move to their favorite part. Other teasing could involve tickling and impact play. Some people may enjoy being teased with pictures of feet.

Foot Job

A foot job is a very popular type of foot play. A partner gives their partner pleasure with their feet. The arches, toes, and shapes of the foot can be ideally shaped for giving pleasure. For extended pleasure, don't let the partner finish until you are ready.

Try Not Washing

It may sound weird at first but a lot of people who are into foot fetish enjoy specific smells and activities. That includes having sweaty feet. Try having sweaty feet when engaging in foot fetish play.

Try Different Attire

Just like smells can make foot fetish better, so can trying different attire. Stockings and pantyhose are two of the most popular things to try wearing. Knee high socks probably come in second. Other than that you can try socks made from different fabrics and socks with different designs.

Some people may also choose to have different style shoes. Leather is one of the most popular when it comes to any fetish but gym shoes are also popular because of the smell and how often they are worn.

Toe Penetration

While not for everyone, some choose to try penetration play with their toes. It can be quite interesting and give you a feeling different from fingers, toys, or anything else. It can be fun to try seeing how many toes your partner can take. Make sure to use lube.

It is important to note that nails should be trimmed as short as possible before trying play with them, especially anal penetration. You also need to be aware you will have less feeling with your toes when it comes to how far and how rough you are being. Listening to your partner is a must when doing toe penetration.

Foot fetishes are very popular because there are so many different things you can try within one category. You can do everything from teasing to penetration. It can also be combined with sex and other activities. Some people enjoy the fact that it is easy to do at a moment's notice. Interested in foot fetishes? You can try our Foot Fetish Dating service

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