What Does Kink Friendly Mean?

If you have spent any time on dating profiles, or even on some social media profiles, you might have seen the term kink friendly. Those who are not already part of the kink community or those who are just starting out might find the term a little confusing. What is a kink? What does kink friendly mean? Those are two questions we are going to take a look at the answer to today.

kink friendly

Kinks in BDSM

Kink is simply defined as the use of sexual practices that are considered to be out of the norm. Fantasies are also considered to be kinks in some cases. In today's world it can be hard to determine what is and isn't a kink. Sex positivity has made some sexual activities more and more common.

The term kink was chosen because the idea is that you bend your sexual behavior away from what is normal. A kink in your behaviors.

The opposite of a kink is a vanilla activity or a straight activity. Because of the confusion that the term straight could cause, it isn't used that often anymore.

Here are some examples of kinks:

  • - Foot Fetishes
  • - Age Play
  • - Voyeurism
  • - Role Play
  • - Objectification

Some of these activities are light while some might be considered extreme for some people.

You might find that this sounds familiar to some people's definition of BDSM. The term BDSM has also grown in popularity recently and while some people use the word interchangeably with kink, the two are not the same. BDSM, in short, is the world of Domination and submission. A form of power play. It is true that a lot of kinks can fit into the world of BDSM but not all kinks are part of BDSM.

What is Kink Friendly?

Kink friendly is a term that has gained a lot of popularity recently and it is fairly simple. Kink friendly simply means that the person, group, or entity is friendly to those who enjoy kink. Because kinks have been shamed for years, the idea of letting others in the kinky community know you are welcoming to them is meant to show acceptance.

Think of having kink friendly in your profile the same as having anything else that you align with. You could put political affiliation, sexual preference, or anything else there. The kink friendly is only meant to help others understand that you are friendly to the same things that they enjoy.

Just because someone's page says that they are kink friendly does not mean that they are looking to talk about kink or are looking for sex. They are just people with an open mind. Talk with them just like you would with anyone else.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while someone might be kink friendly, it doesn't mean they are open to the same kinks that you are. There are more kinks than most people could ever imagine. Anything that is considered out of the normal when it comes to sex can be qualified as a kink.

Should I Put It in My Profile

You might be wondering if you should put that you are kink friendly on one or all of your profiles. It is completely up to you. If you are a member of the kink community or are open to learning about it, there is no problem putting this in your profile.

Do not put kink friendly in your profile if you are not willing to have friends who are part of the community. If someone finds that you aren't into kink it will ruin relationships. Not just that, if you are found out and it can cause you to look like a poser or someone who is making fun of the community.

It is also important to keep in mind that some profiles might not be the right place to put that you are kink friendly. If you work for a very traditional employer, you will not want to put that you are kink friendly anywhere that your employer might see. You may also not want to put kink friendly on a profile that your parents might see or somewhere that might make you feel embarrassed. Everyone is different though, so in the end it is up to you.

Are Kinks Natural?

A common question that comes up when people start to talk about kinks is whether or not they are natural. A lot of people think that kinks come from trauma, abuse, or mental health problems. The truth is that people just like different things. There is no reason that people shouldn't enjoy different sexual activities from what others do.

The only time that kinks become harmful are when they are harmful to a person, are not consenting, or are not practiced with safety in mind. You can definitely find people that practice harmful kinks but they are far and few between. It is also one of the reasons that you should build up a level of trust with anyone that you are thinking about practicing kink with.

In fact repressing kinks can be quite harmful. If you try to deny who you are, problems start to arise. It can even affect your mental health. No matter what it is, enjoying yourself and being who you are is important.

It might even surprise you to find out that just about everyone has one kink. Their kink might not be an extreme one, but could be something as simple as spanking or anal play. With how rarely we like to talk about kink or sex publically, it has become standard practice to shame or avoid anything that isn't "regular" sex. So many people have forgotten that we are all different and thus have our own desires.

The world of kink is quite large, there are members around the world. Chances are that you have more than one friend in your friend group that enjoys kink. Even if they don't tell you that. If you aren't part of the kink community already and it interests you, why not try some kinks out. You will likely find that you quite enjoy it.

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