Daddy Kink - Q&A About Daddy Dom Little Girl Relationship

Some kinks are pretty self-explanatory but not all of them. Daddy kink, also known as DDLG, is one of those kinks that is not self-explanatory. When people first hear of daddy kinks they want to know all about it, it is natural to be curious after all.

You don't have to wait any longer though. Today we are going to look at what exactly is a daddy kink and some of the most important things you need to know about DDLG.

Daddy Kink

What is A Daddy Kink?

Like with many kinks, daddy kinks come in a lot of different forms and it ultimately depends on each individual relationship. In general though, a daddy kink is a form of roleplay in which the Dom takes on the role of a dad and the sub takes on the role of a little or a child. The dom is responsible for not just dominating the little but also for being the caregiver.

Some people try to claim that daddy kinks are all about incest but they are not. In the role of a daddy the Dom is more of a caregiver than being a direct father. He enjoys the fun he has but also cares for someone who likes to feel little again.

What Does DDlg Stand For?

DDlg stands for Daddy Dom, little girl. It is simply another way to refer to daddy kinks. This abbreviation is often used by those who practice daddy kinks as a quicker way to refer to it. Some practitioners also don't like calling it a daddy kink as that can feel kind of off putting.

Why Is The Sub a Little?

The term little for a sub will likely make you wonder the exact role they play. A sub in daddy kinks is referred to as a little because they play the role of a younger person. They don't pretend to be a kid, they like the same things that kids do.

Most littles will pick a specific age and then they act that age when they are engaging in the kinks. The age can be anywhere from a toddler on up to a teen. A sub will pick the age based on their interests such as wearing diapers, playing with stuffed animals, being fed, getting in trouble, etc.

Because a sub in a daddy kink is called a little, the mindset and act of engaging in the submissive part of a daddy kink is referred to as little space.

Are All Daddy Kinks Sexual?

A common question in the world of daddy kinks is whether or not all daddy kinks are sexual. The answer is no. There are plenty of people who engage in daddy kinks without having sex with their sub, or even doing anything sexual. Some people are interested in daddy kinks simply for the caregiving and care receiving aspects of the relationship.

With that in mind, it isn't uncommon for daddy kinks to have a sexual component to them. That component just isn't based around incest.

Why Do People Like Daddy Kinks?

People love daddy kinks for a wide variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons to turn to such a kink is to escape from the stress and burdens of reality to go back to a simpler time. Some people participate in daddy kinks because they have a fetish toward a specific part of the caregiving. Some people do it because they simply find it fun.

In other words, a daddy kink is much like any other kink that you will find. People like it for just about any reason that you can think of. You ended up at this article for a specific interest after all.

Example Scenes From Daddy Kinks

A lot of people who hear about daddy kinks or have an interest in them want to see some examples of scenes that people who enjoy daddy kinks engage in. Here are a few examples:

  • - Bath Time/Shower Time
  • - Homework and Punishment
  • - Punishment for Not Behaving Like Your "Age"
  • - Babysitting
  • - Early Bedtimes and Bedtime Stories

How Do You Find People For A Daddy Kink?

A fair amount of those who are into daddy kinks do not go around spreading that fact and that can make it kind of hard to find a partner for a daddy kinky. With it being a somewhat secretive world, how do you go about finding people for a daddy kink?

BDSM Dating Sites

One of the best places to find a daddy kink partner is to turn to a BDSM dating site. While these sites are less specific than daddy kink sites, they are still niche sites. You don't have to filter through as many users and you will still be among people that won't judge you.

In addition, BDSM sites are typically more well-known than dating sites geared specifically toward daddy kinks. It means people are more likely to join them when looking for daddy kink partners.

Daddy Kink Sites

The easiest way to find a partner for daddy kinks is to go to a Dom Sub dating site specifically designed for those who are interested in DDlg. By doing this you are eliminating anyone who might judge you and ensuring that all of the people you talk to are interested in the same thing that you are.

Depending on where you live though, you might not find too many users on a daddy kink site.

Kink and Fetish Community Sites

Another great place to turn is kink and fetish community sites. These are places where people come together in order to discuss similar interests, learn about kinks, be social, and otherwise interact with those who have similar interests. Many of these sites have user directories or other ways to find users who are looking for partners.

You will also find that many kink and fetish community sites have an events page where you can find upcoming events near you. Events are a great way to meet others interested in the same kinks as you in a safe environment. Events range everywhere from socials to classes and you will likely be able to find something that you are interested in.

More Resources For Daddy Kinks

For those that are left wanting to know more about daddy kinks we have you covered. While you can just Google daddy kink or DDLG, we have a couple of articles for you to read.

Daddy kinks are an interesting world and with such a wide variety of DDlg interests there sure is a lot to explore. Make sure to check out the links above to learn even more about daddy kinks. You never know, after reading more you might just find that it is something that you are interested in trying.

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